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I "Always" recommend a proper Building Inspection.

You are about to spend a great deal of money and you should be very aware of exactly what you are buying. The building inspection will last several hours and a competent inspector will scrutinize each component of the house.

From the roofing, exterior siding, windows, electrical service, plumbing, heating system, insulation...right down to the foundation. You may have bought or sold homes before but the Inspector is doing this process most days. Their unbiased opinion should be valued and even though I have attended hundreds of inspections I often learn something new.

If nothing else the inspection slows down the process so that you spend more time at the property and lessens the chance of an impulsive purchase.

For instance did you know that it can cost more than $10,000.00 to remove vermiculite attic insulation if it has asbestos in it.

The inspector usually has tools to check for moisture behind finished basement walls or to make sure electrical components have been wired properly.